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Few people, open spaces… don’t give up your vacation, book your stay with us!

Avoiding crowded places; staying away from each other; no cinema, theatre or stadium: in these difficult days, we are asked to observe a lot of precautions in order to protect our own and other people’s health.  

Because of these restrictions, many of us are giving up enjoying a vacation.

Yet, some places seem especially designed to allow us to get away from our worries and relax in safety: Le Colombaie, for example.

At our place, you will find:

- A large, remote house surrounded by the countryside

- A convenient parking lot, so you can reach us directly by car

- Only 6 wide, airy rooms, each of those can accommodate just a few people at a time

- A wide lounge where our guests can spend time together… At the right distance from each other  

- Breakfasts made with genuine, quality products

-Many opportunities for outdoor leisure activities: walks in the countryside, bike rides along the banks of the Po river, guided tours to the Casa Bianca farm…

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