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We will reopen... as soon as we can

Aggiornamento: 3 giu 2020

We will be closed until the end of June due to the Covid-19 crisis. We hope to return to welcome you in our house and countryside soon, to help you enjoy a peaceful summer outdoors.  

Usually, Le Colombaie reopens in March, when the nature offers its best in our lands, and closes at the end of November, just before the fogs - celebrated by poets, yet inconvenient for travellers - descend upon the countryside.

Unfortunately, this year, due to the virus outbreak that has spread throughout the whole world, we had to reconsider our plans in order to preserve your safety as well as ours. We will be closed until the end of June 2020. Then, we will start organising ourselves to be able to welcome you again.

We also believe that, after spending such a long time locked inside city apartments, you might regard our house, which is far from chaos and surrounded by fields, as the perfect place to relax and cheer up together again. See you soon!

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